A healthy smile is one that feels comfortable and confident. If you’re bothered by missing teeth and are thinking about implants or dental bridges, partial dentures may be an option for you. Express yourself with a custom solution from the Dental Health Group in Canoga Park.

What are Removable Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are an easy-to-fit solution for missing teeth. They’re made from materials that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth—so comfortable you’ll forget you have them. They can replace most of your teeth and restore the appearance of your smile, allowing you to eat, speak and smile confidently again.

Which Type of Denture Should You Get?

If you’ve lost a tooth or two, a removable partial denture may be the solution for you. Designed as an artificial replacement for one or more missing teeth, they can be made of different materials such as metal or acrylic.

Metal partial dentures have been around much longer than their acrylic counterparts and are often more durable. They are actually made of a metal and acrylic composition—metal refers to the base material, but they still look like natural teeth once they are placed in your mouth.

Purely acrylic partials are usually best as a temporary or transitional solution. Dr. Abad will discuss the options with you and make a recommendation based on your situation.

No matter which type you choose, we work closely with you to design your personal removable partial denture. For improved comfort, stability, and fit, Dr. Abad will take impressions of your gum tissue and mouth to create a cast that will fit into the gap left by the missing teeth. We make every effort to preserve what is already there and give you the most natural look possible.

What Are the Benefits of Partial Dentures in Canoga Park?

  • They can improve appearance by replacing missing teeth and giving your smile more definition.
  • They may help prevent bone loss around the gums. This is especially helpful if you have had gum disease in the past, as partial dentures can help prevent future problems with your gums and oral health.
  • They can improve chewing ability and speech quality by filling in the gaps of missing teeth.

Regain Your Confidence

Removable partial dentures are one of the most popular bridges to facilitate your smile. We pride ourselves on providing comfortable, functional dentures that fit so well most people will not even know that you have them.

We’re glad to answer questions and speak with you about this procedure. Schedule a consultation by calling us at 818-718-2000 or dropping us a message through our contact form. Speak with us today about partial dentures, and see why patients come to our Canoga Park office from all over Los Angeles.

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