Dental Implant Dentures

Restorative Dentistry in Canoga Park

If you’ve experienced significant damage or tooth decay, you may require a dental implant or dentures. Both dentures and implants are lab-designed replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. At the Dental Health Group in Canoga Park, dentures are one of our restorative dentistry specialties. We’ve helped patients from all over Los Angeles return to eating anything and smiling confidently.


Dental implants are inserted into a person’s jawbone where an individual tooth or teeth are missing. The titanium post bonds with the bone and creates a strong foundation that mimics what we have with our natural teeth. While dental implants are often desired because having a complete set of teeth is essential for eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, having implants also preserves a person’s facial structure and prevents further deterioration in the mouth and oral cavity.

If you have several missing teeth, dentures may be the better option for restoring health and functionality to your mouth. Unlike dental implants permanently inserted into a patient’s jawbone, dentures are a removable, lab-fabricated appliance inserted into the mouth. Dentures are designed to replace several natural teeth and support the facial structure around the cheeks and lips.

If you live or work in the Canoga Park area, having a qualified dentist work with you for dental implants or dentures can change your life! When properly done, dentures and implants can help you rediscover the comfort and joy of eating, speaking, and laughing.


If you have recently relocated to Canoga Park or are a new patient at The Dental Health Group, we will start with a dental/radiographic examination to fully understand your oral health and restorative dentistry needs. Once we have information about your health history, we can proceed with the dental implant procedure or begin discussing which type of dentures would suit your lifestyle.

For most patients, dental implants will involve two surgical appointments several months apart. 

Appointment #1: For this appointment, the titanium posts are placed in the jawbone. For the next several months, the posts gradually bond with the bone. During this time, you will wear a temporary denture and eat a soft diet while your customized implant or bridgework is manufactured.

Appointment #2: After the post has bonded to the jawbone, the dental surgeon will connect the dental implants to each post. From start to finish, the entire procedure of both appointments usually takes between six to eight months, and most patients experience little or no disruption in their daily lives.


If you’re searching for a friendly, knowledgeable dentist in Canoga Park, CA who has experience with dental implants and dentures, make an appointment with The Dental Health Group today. Restoring smiles is truly our passion. Whether you have worn dentures before or you are considering this for the first time, our goal is to keep you comfortable and informed at every step of the process. Send us your questions! We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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