Cosmetic Dental Surgeons in Canoga Park?

The Dental Health Group is a trusted provider of oral surgery for patients throughout the San Fernando Valley. Our dentists are board-certified dental surgeons offering a full range of surgical care for the mouth, teeth, and facial area for patients requiring oral surgery. Highly qualified and with state-of-the-art equipment, our dentists make your health and safety their top priorities.

We do everything possible to make the Dental Health Group a welcoming and stress-free environment. However, we understand that many patients may have worries about the pain of oral surgery or the costs associated with treatment. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll gladly go over the specifics of your procedure and answer any insurance questions you may have. Your confidence and dental health matter to us!

Why You May Need a Dental Surgeon

There are a few common procedures that require the expertise of an oral surgery dentist.

Removing Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is common between ages 17 and 25, and when handled by a qualified specialist, it is a safe and complication-free procedure. If you or your teenager have experienced pain related to your wisdom teeth, call us for a consultation.

Inserting Dental Implants

It’s relatively common for adults to lose a permanent tooth, whether due to an accident, injury, or significant decay. Missing a tooth can lead to difficulties with eating and can negatively impact self-image. Our team can explain the entire dental implant process, which is highly effective for replacing missing teeth. In addition, our dental surgeons have specialized training in this area that will ensure you experience optimal results and come away with a smile you’ll love to share.

Bone Grafting

Being told you need bone grafting to repair your teeth or jaw may sound frightening, but for a dentist with oral surgery experience, it’s a common procedure. Whether you’ve experienced an accident or injury or need to improve bone density in your jaw because bone loss has occurred, the Dental Health Group can guide you through the process so proper healing can take place.

Contact The Dental Health Group Today

Located in beautiful Canoga Park, CA, our office welcomes patients from all across the Valley. If you’ve been told that you need oral surgery, make an appointment with our dentists for a consultation or just give us a call at 818-718-2000. If you’re new with us, we’ll listen to your health history and explain all of your options before recommending a path forward. Your care is our passion. We hope to see you soon!

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